Glastonbury Calling 2017 - Safehaus

Live review of the set at The Assembly Rooms for Glastonbury Calling 2017

Live Review – Safehaus at Glastonbury Calling 2017

Safehaus are a well-established local band, and as such their popularity is evident by the packed seated audience in the Assembly Rooms.

They open with an easy listening, toe-tapping number ‘Fear Inside’ which reminds me of the CowboyJunkies. The crowd seem to enjoy the song, but I think the sound engineer may have underestimated the venue, as I struggle to hear the lyrics.

The songs all seem to have a similar rhythm, and whilst I enjoyed listening to the first song, I find I’m desperate to hear something different, and not finding it by the fourth song, I decide to head out early and see what else is on offer elsewhere.

These guys do have loads of gigs booked throughout the next year, and maybe in a different venue, on a different day, I’d be interested in catching the songs I missed.

Fyre Cook


Artist: Safehaus
Reviewer: Fyre Cook
Venue: The Assembly Rooms
Date: 25th January, 2017