Glastonbury Calling 2017 - Lazy Daze

Live review of the set at The Assembly Rooms for Glastonbury Calling 2017

Live Review – Lazy Daze at Glastonbury Calling 2017

The last band to play at Glastonbury Calling in the Assembly Rooms, Lazy Daze, gave an excellent energetic performance offering a selection of their well-loved catchy songs. The band are: Emz Dall’oglio (lead vocals), Davey Dall’oglio (vocals and guitar), Gareth Lovelock (vocals and bass guitar ) and James Arter (Drums, Bass and vocals).

Fronted by singer Emz, they have a catchy danceable style and describe their style as ‘heavy folk’. The performance of ‘Catch Me’ had the audience up and dancing, Lazy Daze perform songs that are very difficult to not move too. Rhythmic and rocky their unique sound had the dance floor heaving. They played the classic ‘Waters Rise’ – a reminder that floods are a constant threat for some. The combination of Emz’s voice and the collective instruments and vocals of the rest of the band compliment each other and are one of my favourite sounds.

The rest of the set disappeared in a flurry of dancing, singing along with the band and having fun, just as a festival should be! The audience desperately wanted just ‘one more song’ at the end of the set, always the sign of an excellent band, sadly the curfew time had been reached, and it was time to call Glastonbury Calling a day for another year.

Lisa Newing


Artist: Lazy Daze
Reviewer: LIsa Newing
Venue: The Assembly Rooms
Date: 25th January, 2017