Glastonbury Calling 2017 - Gilda Parade

Live review of the set at The King Arthur for Glastonbury Calling 2017

Live Review – Gilda Parade at Glastonbury Calling 2017

gilda parade live at the king arthurThere’s something rather purposeful about a three piece band, especially if its stripped down no nonsense rock. Works for ZZ Top after all. Works for Gilda Parade too. They’re a damn good hard rock trio from Bristol, formed from the line-ups of other bands, and it’s clear that Gilda Parade know exactly what they’re doing, despite their avowed intention to experiment and see how the music takes them. It’s tight as heck, and although each musician is clearly ridiculously talented they don’t attempt to overwhelm each other, and give the air of a group of best mates on stage at the King Arthur.

A funky bassline from Paul Michael James permeates everything along with some precise beats from Colin Gitanes and Stu C Morgan’s hard and heavy guitar work. It’s such a pleasure to see a musician not rely on their effects pedals to get the desired…erm..effects.

Morgan has something else too – a howl of a rock voice, clear and powerful. As with many acts I’m trying to work out where I’ve heard the tone before – and it’s not as I originally thought, 70s rock, but closer to the Cult and the Mission. The band claimed to have formed with no brief, other than to share and shape ideas, have fun, and see what came out.

What’s come out is enjoyable, thought-provoking hard rock, and there’s always room for that.

Ollie Hulme


Artist: Gilda Parade
Reviewer: Ollie Hulme
Venue: The King Arthur
Date: 25th January, 2017

gilda parade live at the king arthur