Glastonbury Calling 2017 - Flipron

Live review of the set at The Hawthorns for Glastonbury Calling 2017

Live Review – Flipron at Glastonbury Calling 2017

An already full room at the Hawthorns Hotel were in early anticipating the much admired Flipron. Many influences were audible as already described in the event programme, today the stripped down version sound most like Slim Chance. They have a Brechtian style that would befit a cabaret house band in the basement rooms of the Metropole Hotel, playing the day after the big night in/out, certainly with this particular set anyway.

Their songs are accessible and melodic but most importantly to this writer they have an original style. The set up and delivery have a happy coming down melancholy, reflective sometimes with a little irony but avoid sinking into misery or despair.
The music is relaxed, slightly wonky, a bit honky but never shonky. It’s played just tight enough, but breathes easily with space and time to relax and think.

By Bamber Potter

This was a rare acoustic outing for Jesse and Joe from the band and they broke off from their tour with Neville Staple to treat us to songs recorded by Flipron years ago that they have never or rarely played live. We watched the multi-instrumentalist Jesse dazzle on lapsteel, then seamlessly move to accordion, guitar and harmonica, all accompanied beautifully by Joe on keyboard and vocals. Their inimitable vocal style made the lyrics crystal clear and we tapped and hummed along to songs about getting old (When we were young) and ‘Curtains’- a bluesy atmospheric affair, and ‘Opheus Inconsolable’ (from their 2008 ‘Gravity Calling’ album), with Jesse showing off whistling skills that Roger Whittaker would be proud of! Reflective, uplifting and much appreciated on a rainy Saturday afternoon in Glastonbury!

By Ann DIment


Artist: Flipron
Reviewer: Bamber Potter & Ann Diment
Venue: Hawthorns
Date: 25th January, 2017


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