Stephens Butchers

eCommerce solution for popular west country butcher

Stephens Butchers

Popular west country small business Stephens Butchers had a wesbite that wasn’t working the way it needed to. Most of the problems could be traced to a less than complete consultation by the previous supplier and an almost non exist after sale care program. Following several consultations and discussions about the needs of the site we were able to deliver a fully functional eCommerce website that is both easy for the customers to use but is also easy and quick for the shop to manage on a daily basis.

The site is in phase one release with many more features to be rolled out throughout 2017.

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Buy online - Collect In Store

Offering local delivery at the outset was a key feature but so was the feature of the shops customers to be able to purchase online but collect in store. Many of the customers are long standing to the store and have expressed that they would like a visit to the store to remain part of the process.

Paypal payments

Paypal payments are a standard feature of our eCommerce developments and Stephens Butchers has made us of payments standard as well as quick checkout. Customers have the option to use their Paypal balance or a credit/debit card and payments are carried out offsite within Paypal’s own secure area.

Easy to Manage

The number one requirement was for the site to be easily managed from within the shop and on mobile devices. The combination of wordpress for content and woocommerce for the eCommerce functionality was a no-brainer. Simple to use and full of features, it’s a combination we’ve used time and again.