Live at The Orchard

Live at The Orchard is all about capturing the atmosphere of a live performance in a studio setting. One take, no overdubs, all live. It is a combined initiative of Orange Dog, Brightwood Films, Orchard Studios and some fabulous artists from the South West and beyond.

The first production season began on May 2nd, 2016 and finished at the end of July. By the end of the production run sixteen artists had sweated through a live session in the studio under the bright lights of the cameras. There have been some amazing performances, some epic sessions and a new found respect for many of the acts that took part. In general, everyone stepped up and put down some amazing live takes in a pressure environment.

Orange Dog conceive of the project and put the team together to carry it out. The majority of the acts were booked via Orange Dog and now that season one production has finished we are busy creating the podcasts and radio shows and working with Orchard Studios and Brightwood Films to create our first episodes.

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From scheduling the production days and the artists to putting together the Podcast and publishing the feed, Orange Dog is hands on all over this project. Working closely¬†with Orchard Studios and Brightwood films, Live at The Orchard is our most exciting project to date. We’re already having ideas about season two.


Orange Dog created and maintains the Live at The Orchard website. This includes publishing relevant content in the form of pages and posts as well as image editing, podcast publishing and general usability maintenance.