One take, no overdubs, all live.

Live at The Orchard is all about capturing the atmosphere of a live performance in a studio setting. One take, no overdubs, all live. It is a combined initiative of Orange Dog, Brightwood Films, Orchard Studios and some fabulous artists from the South West and beyond.

Glastonbury Fringe

Orange Dog is part of the Glastonbury Fringe management team and also runs several events throughout Glastonbury Fringe

Management - Booking Agent - Label

Orange Dog provides a full set of Artist Services to Swampgrass, from website through to booking gigs and arranging tours. Swampgrass will embark on two full UK tours in 2017

The best Sunday afternoon in Somerset.

Live music and an all you can eat BBQ! This is an Orange Dog regular event throughout the Summer. In 2017 the Sunday Sessions will start on Easter Sunday.


Bringing together all the elements required in order to produce online entertainment, radio and podcasting.

Event Management

From music to markets, gigs to festivals, Orange Dog will deliver your event on time and to budget.

Artist Services

Whether it is management, booking agent, online distribution or physical album replication, Orange Dog provides the services you need as an artist.


Orange Dog can meet your online needs, from providing copy for your blog to a full eCommerce website.

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